Private Training Sessions

Perfect for people who would like to head up their dog's training and stay involved in the entire process by taking training into their own hands.

We work together to access the environment and temperament, determine your goals and show you how to train to get the desired results. We enable you to train your own dog.

Private sessions are also the format for Behavior Evaluations, New Puppy or Adoption Assessment Screening, Day Training and as follow-up to any Boot Camp Course.


One-on-one advice from a seasoned dog trainer who is an expert in dog behavior and management.


Freedom to create your own schedule and meet at a variety of different location types.


Work with a Professional Trainer to meet your specific training goals with an individualized training plan.

Featured Classes

Behavioral Consultation

This is a wonderful and necessary starting point when a family wishes to create a new more positive relationship with their pet. You receive a detailed understanding of your dog's temperament and train-ability, while you learn how to improve manners and behavior. All training programs begin with a thorough behavioral consultation.

Pre-purchase or adoption Screening

Bringing home a new family member is a major decision, we make it easier. Let our experience help you match the right dog to your family.  We can review temperament, behavior and your family circumstances and lifestyle to help ensure you end up with the right or puppy for your family.

Obedience training

Meet with our experienced trainer to teach your dog a strong foundation in obedience commands. Basic to Advanced Off Leash Training as well as training to address behavioral issues. Courses are available as single sessions or as part of a continuting package.

What Our Costumers say

We just completed the 6 week basic course with our Golden Newfie, Hawke. Our guy is a 100+ pound bundle of energy, but Robert did wonders. He is probably the best dog trainer around and transformed our buddy into a new dog.


After training with Robert, Siegmund has become much more focused on me and is responsive to my commands, especially when other dogs around. Also, he now allows me to put in his ear drops and muzzle him when needed. I highly recommend him for any training or behavior problems you have with your dog.


Choose Your course

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals.

Behavior consulation


/approx 90 minutes

Temperament Evaluation

Train-ability Evaluation

Goal Setting

Behavior Problem Solving

Dog Psycologogy and Home Management Reccommendations

obedience sessions


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Tailored Program

Obedience Training & Homework

Available as Day Training option (no owner present)

Behavior Problem Solving

Continued Support by phone & email

Puppy and Adoption Screening


starting at*

Travel to shelters or breeder for selection

Temperament and Train-ability Evaluation

Help Selcting Appropriate breed match for lifesyle

Discount on Training Package with purchase