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Obedience Training For Dogs of All Ages and Breeds

Our Obedience Training Programs are flexible, convenient and affordably priced. We take time to hear your concerns, outline goals and help you realize them in both the short and long term with your family.

We love to work with you and your dog!

Private Session Course

Hands-on Obedience Training and Behavior Coaching with and experienced Dog Trainer. 

  • Basic to Advanced Obedience Cues
  • Dog Behavioral Coaching and Behavior Modification
  • Hand-Handouts and Goal Setting Supplemental Materials
  • Approx - 1 hour
  • In-home or the setting of your choice
  • Day Training (training without owner present) is available.

Boot Camp Courses

Complete Immersion Board and Train in for dogs and puppies 10 wks and older.

  • Course Duration starting at 2 weeks in length
  • Family Setting provides 24/7 care and love
  • Daily Obedience Training & Socialization
  • Housebreaking and Crate Training
  • 3-4 Public Outings per week (socialization passport)
  • 2 Detailed Go Home Sessions + 2 Follow ups included, Refreshers Training for life.

Service Dog Training

Training designed for dogs who must fulfill a purposeful task for a person.

  • Tailored Program
  • Fundraising Assistance for Veterans

20 Years Professional Experience

Obedience Training Solves Common Behavior Problems Pt 1: The Sit-Stay

No Harsh Methods or Collars

Fear, Aggression and Anxiety

Lasting Relationships


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20+ Years PRofessionally training Dogs. A family business. Obedience and Service Dog Training